THE COFFEE THAT PAYS (Investment Opportunity in Nigeria)

“What the WORLD likes to do should be YOUR BUSINESS & what YOU like to do should be YOUR HOBBY.” – Warren Buffett

Why Coffee?

If you are or you aren’t a coffee drinker here are some reasons WHY you should be in the coffee business:

  1. 75% of the WORLD’S population drinks coffee EVERYDAY!
  2. Coffee is the most traded commodity in the WORLD after OIL.
  3. Coffee is not a LUXURY but a NECESSITY.
  5. Over 4 billion cups of Coffee are consumed everyday worldwide.

Everyone, talks about, dreams about and prays about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right product that people not only WANT, but that people HABITUALLY and UNCONSCIOUSLY CONSUME multiple times per day.

If you have ever wanted to position yourself at the forefront of a MAJOR ECONOMIC MOVEMENT…the time is NOW!

We have a product that literally hundreds of millions of people are addicted to and those people consume this product multiple times per day, HABITUALLY….It’s COFFEE but not just any coffee, its gourmet healthier coffee that is taking the World by storm.

Think about this…Practically every single person drinks coffee or knows someone that does, from the poor to the affluent, from the young to the elderly, in an up economy or a down economy.  In fact, over half a billion cups are being served everyday in North America alone and we are able to offer a HEALTHIER Coffee.

We have several gentlemen that reached the pinnacle of our company in just 18 months and were not even coffee drinkers prior to getting started and are now the top income earners in the industry.

How is all of this possible you ask…Well success leaves clues so let’s take a look at them?


1. Nestle holds 60% of the market share, 1 Unit of Nestle Share can buy 2 units of any Oil Company in Nigeria.

2. 70% of Nestle’s profit comes from sales of their coffee; Nescafe…


McDonalds has been serving coffee since 1940s but has now rebranded themselves and trademarked the name “McCafe” completely shifting their marketing focus to target the coffee craze.

Dunkin Donuts has a new slogan, “American Runs on Dunkin”….and Oh, by the way, their new logo is a COFFEE cup.

Subway is now open for breakfast so that they too can profit from the 2nd most traded commodity…COFFEE.

With our concept every distributor gets their own coffee enterprise and by following the proven step by step system, can easily out produce the sales volume of the average coffee shop on a monthly basis.

We provide people with a life changing strategy that actually produces real results.

If you’re going to be successful with a home based business, you need to be offering a product that:

1. People can’t wait to buy.  (If you have to ‘convince’ people to try it … they don’t really want it!)

2. People use or consume over and over again.

3. Is something ANYBODY can understand.

4. Is Affordable!

5. Is REAL; not some “fad” or “flash in the pan” goofiness.

6. Is something that can actually HELP people.

7. Has a big enough market that you can sell it for a very long time.

8. Is something you can feel good about, personally, because you KNOW it can actually change lives.

So let’s look at why I think Coffee makes the perfect combination for a home based business:

1. Millions Upon Millions of people can’t start their day without our product!  Have you ever got in the way of a coffee drinker trying to get to their first cup in the morning?!?

2. Millions Upon Millions of people are ADDICTED to Our Product.  More than 500,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed DAILY in North America Alone!  Reorders are virtually guaranteed!

3. How hard is it to explain coffee to a coffee drinker?

4. Our team enjoys outstanding wholesale pricing on delicious gourmet coffee, latte, mocha, hot chocolate, and green tea!

5. Coffee has not only been around “forever” but the coffee market is growing by 20% annually in the USA.

6. Our company has actually found a way to infuse 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma in to every cup. You can’t see it, taste it, or smell it. You just get the benefits of this amazing herb in a delicious cup of coffee. (Search Google for “Ganoderma” and you will be amazed at what you find!)

7. The market for coffee is absolutely MASSIVE and grows daily!

8. I truly enjoy knowing that I can offer coffee drinkers a delicious healthy cup of coffee AND help them build financial freedom by sharing this coffee and our system with others. Yeah … I feel really good about this product and opportunity! So much so that I referred my own family members and gladly share it with my friends.

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah. This makes sense. But can I really do this?

That’s a great question. Chances are, you invite people out to coffee or share a cup of coffee with friends, already. Now you can share THIS coffee with them.  After looking at this information coffee, quite possibly, could haunt you….you will see it everwhere, TV, signs, gas stations, church…etc

Now The Only Real Question Is: Are You Ready?


If what you see makes sense, fill out the form below and let’s get you a sample of our product and set up a time to talk so we can show you how to move forward with our team.

Or Contact: or 08035744742. or pin:231DAE2E

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