As we Celebrate with Adabekkee

Cake2On this day some years ago, a child was born, who turned out to be; a lady with a huge difference, a combination of Beauty, Class, Style, Elegance and Virtuousness.

Today serves as a remembrance of all the happiness that was witnessed years back. As you celebrate on this day of yours, we celebrate and rejoice with you… May the good things of life always come your way. Amen…

Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town.

Happy Birthday Miss Adabekke, Happy Birthday Lady Extraordinaire. Have Fun and make Merry.

Pics after the cut…

IMG_0630 (Copy) IMG_0655 (Copy) IMG_0598 (Copy)

IMG_0691 (Copy) IMG_0628 (Copy) IMG_0613 (Copy)

IMG_0599 (Copy) IMG_0606 (Copy) IMG_0596 (Copy)

 IMG_0629 (Copy) IMG_0604 (Copy)

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19 thoughts on “As we Celebrate with Adabekkee

  1. Happy brthday dearest and may u never bn found wanted in hs presence….Hs blessings and glory wil always find ur path…Enjoy ur day Adabekee

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY Special DYnamic FRieND. Ur Presence captivates me. Keep being true to thy self and to God. U are awesomely blessed even as u mark another beautiful year
    Much love

  3. Happy birthday to the one and only Adabekke. May God continue to bless you, protect you and grant you your inner most heart desires Amen.

  4. I call her miss style nd splendor,most cheerful nd gracious, she none oda den Ada canada,wish u all d best today nd alwas,hBD swthrt :*love u scatter

  5. Lovely pics, happy birthday girl, wishing you longlife and many happy years ahead.the finest you rock!

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