Concerned Citizen of Nigeria – Wake Up Call for The Nigerian Youths; Lesson from the NIS Recruitment SCAM.


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I don’t remember the last time I shed a tear, but these pictures got me crying… I don’t care what you say or how you try to justify this happening because as I sit here and write this the only thing that engulfs my mind right now is this picture of my fellow Graduates right in front of me, some of whom will never again know the outcome of this SCAM which they were all led into.

It all started like a joke when we started getting BBM updates from friends showing pictures from the various National Immigration Service (NIS) Recruitment SCAM Venues across the country. On my way home from my day’s activity, I noticed the whole roads were filled up with people on whites, first question on my mind was ‘The NYSC Otondos?’ but then I recalled seeing the criteria for attending the NIS Recruitment SCAM Exercise; one of which was the dress code that will surely make every applicant remember their days in the NYSC Camp and equally remind some of them of how many years they’ve been without Employment after NYSC, only then did I realize that all these people were coming from the ‘NIS Recruitment SCAM Exercise’. I looked at my time, it was some minutes past six in the evening and then I also recalled hearing that this same exercise was scheduled for 7/8am but same did not commence until around 2/3pm and I asked myself again “was this not the same reason why a friend of mine had to take the risk of boarding a night bus from the Awka to Lagos (Lagos was even cancelled) and another had to leave immediately to Enugu just after rounding off one of their M.Sc. Exams which ended around 4:30pm on Friday?

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I returned home thinking that was all there is to the NIS Recruitment SCAM and Bam!!!, it was all over the news that some of these same Job seeking Youths who travelled all across the nation for this Exercise and who went through thick and thin to get these Certificates and every other added qualification there is to get, died in Stampedes across the various States/venues of this NIS Recruitment SCAM.

What a way to Crown the efforts of these youths, what a way to honor these hard earned certificates, what a way to repay the parents and the loved ones of these young men and women for their tireless efforts in ensuring that these youths got to this stage. The most painful part of it all is the knowledge that the people that will be used to fill these vacancies will not even be a part of these humiliations simply because they know someone who knows someone who knows a Governor, or a Director or any other person who has been given some slots to provide people for these employments.

You might be wondering why I choose to refer to it as a SCAM, this is why; So if one ministry is cash strapped, it can just announce vacancies and generate hundreds of millions from the poor populace. Over 5,000,000 people applied for 4,500 vacancies in the Nigerian Immigration Service. If my calculation serves me right then 5,000,000 x N1,000 = N5 billion+. Someone should be investigated. The government is now defrauding its citizens. Being unemployed is not a sin, the punishment is unwarranted. These applicants are citizens and not slaves. I don’t think they are asking for too much.  Collecting N1,000 each from over 5,000,000 unemployed citizens for 4,500 slots that may have been filled already by their cronies is pure wickedness.

For over 5,000,000 people to apply for Immigration job is a great indictment on the government at all level.” 99% of these applicants never imagined such job and such humiliation when they entered tertiary institutions but this is what Nigeria has reduced them to. The federal and state governments should bow their heads in shame. We’ve lost it. (No need to mention LGs because they don’t exist) and if these 5,000,000 who are just a portion of the unemployed, become armed robbers, the government will come & call for prayers for peace to reign.

Someone should pay for these deaths. Even animals have dignity.

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I think it’s high time our Youths began thinking of what they can do for themselves instead of what the Government can do for them. Everything in this country is a Façade, Job Security, Unemployment level, Pension, Security of Lives and Properties to mention but a few. People argue that it is not an easy thing being an Entrepreneur but what most of us don’t know is the full meaning of that word “Entrepreneurship”. Before now, I was of the opinion that being an Entrepreneur entails Paying Rents, Paying people, making a whole lot of overhead expenses and what have you, but then we forget that this is 21st century where ‘Information’ sell more than anything. Someone became the 21st richest person in the World at 29years, even far richer than our richest man in Africa just by sharing Information and linking us all through a Social Network Platform “Facebook”. I am not saying every one should go and  invent their own ‘Facebook’ like Mark Zuckerberg did, all I’m saying is that our youths needs to realize that the world has transformed from the ‘Industrial Age’ to ‘Information Age’, an age where simply passing information can make you an Entrepreneur beyond your wildest dreams. Mark Zuckerberg has no office in Nigeria, yet his office is everywhere in the World even in Nigeria because we are all his offices. As you take your phone around you with your Facebook Application, guess what; you are a mobile Facebook office. You can’t solve the problems of today with the solutions of yesterday. So let’s learn to think more of Information Age than Industrial Age.

Talking about Information Age, even our Government has equally failed us on that aspect because if they had simply used other means (like Online Examination) to test these applicants, these 20 people will still be alive and healthy

If I continue writing this, I might not even near the ending of it. I’ve never been the political type and I don’t care what happens at the polls, all I know is that we all have the ability to fashion our lives the way we want it to be and not just wait for someone else to do it for us. The world has always been an Entrepreneurial Village until the Agrarian Age (1889) when changed the mentality of the world and turned it into an Employment Dependent World by the then Prussian President. Too many promises and more than too many failures that is what the Government is about.

I call on my fellow Nigerian Youths to consider other means of getting along in life even as they wait on the Government to provide their own means. The question you should ask yourself is this; ‘How well do you trust your Government?’ I recommend a book for everyone “Cash Flow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki, read this and then decide where you really want to be. Most people will prefer Comfortability to being Rich. Parents should equally urge their children to reason more like Entrepreneurs.

My heart goes out to all the Families that lost someone to the NIS SCAM.

If you are really keen on knowing more about how to become a Boss of your own without all the hassles involved, you can contact me, I might be able to provide you with a piece of information to base your decisions on. I’ll rather be Unemployed and Alive than being Dead in a bid to get myself Employed. If 5,000,000 Nigerians could make out time to go for a test with a 0.1% chance of succeeding, why can’t at least half of these people make out time to attend Seminars and Presentations that will change their lives forever.



Whatsapp or Call on 08035744742

N.B: All I’ll give you is information. You decide if it’s worth your while and act on it if you can.

A Concerned Citizen of Nigeria

Okoli Richard C.


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