Osikwa ya n’obi? See Iyanya’s Tattoo Of Yvonne Nelson’s Initials

For the heart or for the numbers: See Iyanya’s Tattoo Of Yvonne Nelson’s Initials


Iyanya has “yn” around his left hand wrist. Knowing about his relationship with sexy Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson only points fingers towards her because they are Yvonne’s name initials.

If the Kukere Master really loved Yvonne, then it may be of no surprise and you would wonder why he said he only wanted her waist on Tim Westwood TV freestyle (He said he was joking though). On the flip side, if he didn’t really love her and was really after her waist, then it must mean that Yvonne must have been a really big fish and he deemed it important to inscribe things like that on his body. (The big girls whose waists he’s had). That sort of thing.

Whichever way you look at it, Yvonne Nelson must have been really important to Iyanya and that tattoo says so!

Iyanya-Yvonne-Nelson-Tattoo-4 Iyanya-Yvonne-Nelson-Tattoo-3 Iyanya-Yvonne-Nelson-Tattoo-2


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