BBA 8 Update: Diary: End of the road for HaCleo? #BBATheChase

There is trouble in paradise. Hakeem and Cleo’s relationship has hit a rocky patch and it seems getting out of this funk is going to be a tall order, especially considering that Fatima has wiggled her way into the fray .

During his Diary Session today, Hakeem revealed how Cleo has lied to him many times since their relationship began. “I love Cleo but sometimes love isn’t enough. I value honesty and transparency in a relationship but right now, we’re in a rocky phase. I don’t know if I can do this”, Hakeem said.

When asked to give a one word answer about whether he thinks Cleo is using their relationship as a strategy, the Zimbabwean Housemate gave a firm “Yes!” Hakeem made up his mind after a conversation he had with Fatima after the Channel O party on Saturday night. “Fatima told me to watch my back because Cleo is playing the game and the feelings might not be real”, Hakeem said.

In her Diary Session, Cleo alluded to the treacherous waters that her relationship with Hakeem is skimming. “We’re going through a lot right now. We’re trying to iron out our differences as we try to get to know each other more intimately. We’re working towards staying together”, the sexy Zambian said.

Will HaCleo overcome this hurdle as The Chase continues or will these two call time on their relationship soon?

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