BBA 8 Update – Breaking News: The Pokello-Selly case in court



Breaking News: The Pokello-Selly case in court

The issue of speaking in vernacular has escalated to extreme heights. Selly and Elikem had been speaking in their language and Pokello didn’t like this much. This caused even more conflict in the House because nobody knew what they were saying and most importantly, who they were talking about.

Already Selly and Pokello had pending beef, so this took things over the top hence HoH Bassey decided to call everyone into the room to try help resolve the matter between the two Housemates. Things were so bad between them that they had resorted to not talking to one another, this was one of Bassey’s main concerns, hence the Ruby intervention.

Selly explained to everyone that she had tried to apologize to Pokello for spilling alcohol on her at the party but she felt that Pokello still hasn’t forgiven her for that. Selly also felt that Pokello has a problem with her and Elikem being close, period. The confusion is that Pokello is not forthcoming with her feelings for Elikem because she has a man back home but she still wants to have him close, that’s the problem Selly has with Elikem.

Pokello defended herself by saying that what she and Elikem get up to is nobody’s business and that she forgave Selly for spilling alcohol on her but she failed to understand why she had to speak in her language when everybody knows not to speak their languages. This of course was a valid point and exactly what Biggie was telling them in their Diary Sessions earlier on.

The jury that Bassey put together helped mediate the situation but they seem to have failed because the two ladies were still not trying to be friends with one another but will try to be civil towards each other. It was all too much, too soon I guess.


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