Open Letter To Multichoice/DStv


Open Letter To Multichoice/DStv


I am writing this letter to you, Multichoice/DStv, as a client of yours who has been with the company since the 90′s when it was still known and referred to as Multichoice, and i have to say- this is an ALL time low for you guys as you are now obviously out of content despite your exorbitant rates.


Some few months ago, you increased the fees for bouquets and also “added” some new scam stations which would normally have pacified people. However this was not to be the case as the repetition of content only increased.


For some weeks now a number of movies have been on heavy rotation. Examples of such movies are Jackie Chan’s THUNDERBOLT, DIE ANOTHER DAY, TOMORROW NEVER DIES and all the other James Bond movies (Except CASINO ROYALE, QUANTUM OF SOLACE and SKYFALL). Initially it was understandable as the idea was that you were celebrating the 50th anniversary of James Bond. But now it’s obvious you have nothing else to show.


Years ago The Series channel had a lot to offer but all of a sudden the same bug got to it. Then people like me had to settle for a number of selected shows on the channel like LIVING SINGLE- then the SIlverbirdTV bug caught that channel yet again and the show’s time slot was moved from Friday night to a Sunday. Who does that?


One question on series though; how come the hit TV shows like Game Of Thrones aren’t still showing in Nigeria?


While the different soccer leagues were in session the money for subscription was a necessary evil as there is really no other option of catching (almost) all the action except you want to stream the matches. But now that the leagues are over, the question that comes up is “What exactly are we paying for?”


DStv prides itself on having over 600 Channels, but really how many of these your channels do work? While i subscribe for the full bouquet i get this message a lot when i try to watch a channel like Ghana’s TV3 “you are not enabled to view this channel…” Here’s a thought; if it’s not for my region/country, then why on Earth is the channel there?


I have to give you props in one department though, you do listen to complaints. Unfortunately instead of fixing the issue(S), you come up with adverts and expect it to die there. When people started complaining about signal interference when it rains, you came up with an advert explaining things. Then when people started complaining about the rate at which you repeat movies you once again came up with another advert explaining how the chain works from the movie studio to the payTV… But seriously we didn’t ask for that story, just try to fix the issue is all.


Well one thing is clear, when the football season ends it’s time to stop paying the full bouquet or stop entirely and move to watching TVC and Channels TV. It’s just sad that SKY digital isn’t in Nigeria as i’m sure a little competition would wake you up. But then again i would still dump your box and port to a better provider which has more channels and provides good content.




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