BBA Update – Feature: The Rise of Motamma



Feature: The Rise of Motamma

The fine men of the Diamond House had a moment of reminiscing, while in the Jacuzzi, about times gone by since the show began, about the Opening Show, the houses and the women in these Houses. Motamma was the only female awake who engaged these men with conversation.

a href=>Angelo shared how his first night in the Diamond was uncomfortable for him because he didn’t know anybody while Hakeem acknowledged the drama that has gone through the Diamond House, in a week, is remarkably. I’m guessing he was thinking about his own drama.

The boys shared laughter and cheers while Motamma was ever-the-lady with her 2 cents worth here and there. It was all too touching to watch. But I couldn’t help thinking why is Motamma all of a sudden out there ‘hanging’ with the boys while their women sleep?

She did give a heartfelt speech though, about how being on Big Brother is a life-changing experience and how grateful she is for the opportunity. Could this be Motamma playing her game? A player in the making? Stay with us Africa.

LK4, Feza, Dillish, Hakeem and Koketso are up for possible Eviction this week. Click here to vote to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.


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