BBA8 Update – Treat: Rendezvous With Your Crush! Could Cleo and Hakeem Finally Reunite? #BBATheChase

This morning, there was excitement in the air following an announcement by Big Brother, which will surely put a pep in everyone’s step.

Biggie is affording Housemates the opportunity to spend one on one time with their crush this weekend. When Cleo went to the Crush Wall, her pick was obvious. She picked the man she’s been missing since the House swap, Zimbabwe’s Hakeem – not once, but twice. Koketso picked Bimp “because I need to talk to him” and Hakeem “for Cleo”.

The Ruby Housemates seem to be playing cupid and have been voting for the Zimbabwean so that Cleo can see him again. Natasha picked Fatima, while Neyll picked Motamma and Betty.

LK4 on the other hand made an eyebrow raising pick, Tanzania’s Feza. We wonder how Koketso would react to this news. Whoever has the most crushes on the Crush Wall will be crowned the winner and will be given the opportunity to spend quality time with their crush in the ‘Rendezvous Room’ on Saturday.

So far, it seems Hakeem is head and shoulders above the rest. The Diamonds Housemates will also be given the opportunity to vote for their crushes

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