BBA8 Update: Hakeem’s Dillish-ious kiss

News: Hakeem’s Dillish-ious kiss

Well, well it looks like Hakeem is settling in quite well in the Diamond House.

Yesterday evening, as the Housemates played a round of drinking games, the young Zimbabwean got his chocolate lips on Dillish’s delicious peckers as the rest of the Housemates cheered them on.

While the new Diamond House resident was clearly into it – even leaning in for a longer kiss – the shy Namibian quickly backed off and ducked away. Ouch! Well at least she still had a smile on her face, so clearly she did enjoy it too after all.

Only time will tell if sparks will fly between the Diamond duo now that they have smooched. If they were to hook up it would certainly be one sexy coupling.

What do you think should Hakeem and Dillish hook up?


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