BBA 8 Update: Love Triangle Gets Messy!

The situation between LK4, Koketso and Beverly is dividing the Ruby House.

The mood in the House has been tense the whole day following a round of intense gossip that has seen a lot of whispering in dark corners.

Maria from Namibia cornered LK4, who is at the centre of this love triangle and asked him how he found himself in such a precarious situation. “How did it get to the point where you have two chicks fighting for you?” LK4 did not have a ready answer to Maria’s question and admitted as much. However, in a conversation with ONeal, LK4 was very open about the situation. “Maria told me Bev has been denying her feelings for me. She says she doesn’t like me”, LK4 said.

As LK4 was sharing his feelings, Maria headed upstairs to ‘help Beverly with her hair’. Before long, the Namibian had locked Beverly in a conversation about the situation. “If you have feelings for someone, keep it to yourself. People like stories. LK4 is a player and you don’t have to worry about him,” she said.

As she went to town with her views on the situation, LK4 walked in and the girls quickly changed the subject. Beverly and Koketso also found a moment to clear the air regarding this particular matter. Koketso told her “I won’t compete with another girl for a man. I don’t want any tension. It’s really important for us girls to stick together. At the end of the day, what matters most is that we are respected”.

Could Maria be adding fuel to the fire with her meddling ways, or is she doing the right thing by keeping herself and everyone involved in this love triangle up to date with the latest gossip?

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