BBA8 Updates: Daybreak: Love triangle looming?

It would seem anything Annabel wants, Annabel gets!

Fresh from confessing her infatuation with not one, but two of the Diamond House boys in a candid Diary Session with Big Brother last night, Annabel finally got a little extra attention from both her crushes. Ethiopia’s Betty, however, did not seem too amused with the Kenyan diva’s flirty ways.

Late last night, South Africa’s Angelo jumped into Annabel’s bed, took her top off and gave her a long, sexy back rub. It would seem Annabel was a whole lot tenser than anticipated because she made sure to get yet another massage from Sierra Leone’s Bolt. Bolt is the same Diamonds Housemate who is in the throes of a budding romance with Betty.

All the extra attention Annabel was getting did not seem to sit well with pretty Betty. The Ethiopian looked on without saying a word and kept an eagle eye on the proceedings. When the Housemates eventually decided to call it a night, Betty and Bolt got into separate beds and didn’t so much as breathe in each other’s direction.

When a naughty Elikem tip toed to Betty’s bed and told her “I’ve been disqualified from the game”, Betty seemed to relax a bit more, courtesy of the Ghanaian’s prank. After he had confessed that he was only kidding, Betty walked over to Bolt’s bed, slid in and gave him a big kiss.

Could Betty be feeling threatened by fiesty Annabel and if so, could we be in for fireworks in the not too distant future?

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