Meet The Woman Who Says She Is Too Pretty To Work (PHOTOS)

Of all the tenable reasons that people give to quit their jobs, this lady – Laura Fernee – claims her beauty is the reason why she quit hers!

Laura Fernee claims “her good looks are so powerful they are ruining her life – and have forced her to quit her  job.” Huh?

The 33-year-old science graduate says her slim figure and pretty face attracted unwanted attention from her male colleagues – oh really?!

She also claims she has been ostracised by  other women in the workplace who are jealous of her beauty.

Miss Fernee now lives off her wealthy parents after quitting her £30,000 job in scientific research two years ago.

She said her appearance meant she was constantly harassed and bullied, and has decided work ‘just isn’t for her’.

Yesterday, she said: ‘I’m not lazy and I’m no bimbo. The truth is my good looks have caused massive problems for me when it  comes to employment, so I’ve made the decision that employment just isn’t for me  at the moment. It’s not my fault … I can’t help the way I look.

Laura said she didn’t get the acknowledgement she  deserved for her scientific achievements as people only paid attention to her  looks

‘Male colleagues were only interested in me  for how I looked. I wanted them to recognise my achievements and my   professionalism but all they saw was my face and body.’

She said men left ‘romantic gifts’ on her  desk and she was ‘constantly asked out’, which she found ‘sleazy’.

‘Even when I was in a laboratory in scrubs  with no make-up they still came on to me because of my natural attractiveness. There was nothing I could do to stop it,’ she added.

Miss Fernee studied science and medical  research to doctorate level and began working in a laboratory in 2008.  But she  said she was forced to quit three years later because of the  treatment she  received.

She said: ‘They [other women] assumed because  I was pretty, I was stupid, so didn’t take me seriously at  first and, because  of their own insecurities, were jealous of my looks.

‘Then when they realised I was very good at  my job, possibly better than them, they hated me even more.’

Miss Fernee’s parents – Catherine, 65, and  Alan, 70 – inherited money from  Laura’s grandfather, and now pay £2,000 a month  in rent and bills for  her flat in Notting Hill, London, as well as picking up  her credit card  payments.

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