Happy Birthday To Miss ADAEZE “Lady Extra-Ordinaire”

On a beautiful day like this, a princess was born. Everyone was happy singing that the princess has arrived and by this, the ever gorgeous, humble parents looked at her as she was innocently laid on the cot and named her Adaeze (Princess) since then, she has continued to live her life in God’s direction and to what her name implies. What is happening today is a reflection of the Joy that was experienced back in the Mid 80’s. Your family and awesome Friends are praying for you and also share in your Joy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Adorable Miss Adaeze. (HURRAY).

Three Hearty Cheers from all of us at jinglegists on this day of yours as you celebrate with your Friends and Family…

Birthday follow Up Pics to be featured… Watch out…


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Miss ADAEZE “Lady Extra-Ordinaire”

  1. God’s love 4 u cant be explained with words but experienced. Open ur heart&mind 2 Him 4 as d fragrance of roses fills a room so will God’s love fill u. HBD 2 d Happiest Girl ever ! Enjoy ur day dear! All ur pixs looks so lovly!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!! Adaeze,this is breath taking,nice one I must tell u. Hpy birthday my fwend and colleague,may Gods blessings continue to rest upon u,may his grace always shine upon u and above all,I wish u longlyf n prosperity.

  3. Adaeze is just an exceptional kind of woman…. Full of life, always happy and a loyal friend ! She is an example of how we should love ourselves… She is a go-getter, an inspiration to countless others and someone who would go places in no distant time. Ada you may not know it but you have affected my life positively and i’m glad i got to know you. Happy birthday once again…..

  4. Adaeze is a special person, a young lady who knows what life is all about. She is an extra ordinary person who is an inspiration to many. Her positive outlook to life is worthy of emulation. She is a goal-getter who knows what she wants at every point in time. Her dress sense is a story on its own; she knows what fashion is all about, and a lot of ladies have taken her up as a fashion adviser of sorts… Sometimes i wonder why she hasn’t opened her own fashion line.
    Ada is someone who knows the word “loyalty” means… She stands by her friends through thick and thin and is dependable.
    Though it may come a bit late, i want to wish you a very happy birthday. May the Lord give you blessings, favour, success and good health to enjoy it all.

  5. Ada, all dese pple, wey dey blow big grammar 4 ur bday, hope say dem give u bday gift oh! No b english we go chop bikokwa

    • Hahahahha nnenna ohh yeahhh evn dis wishes n grammer ar enough 4 mi. I love u all heaven knws. Wot more gift can I hv am so glad dey speak me wif dis respective manner I like it.

  6. I think I have seldom told you are gorgeous and adorable, the one and only true Princess and Adabekke of Nigeria from the great kingdom of Njikoka LGA of the popular known Anambra State, the most industrious people of Nigeria. I am proud of ya, keep the flag flying higher dearie.

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