SAKA don PORT O: The Ad Wars Start! MTN Takes 2 Jabs At Etisalat And Saka Gets N20m

Diss music and videos don’t only happen between Entertainers; apparently BEEF exists between Telcos as well when it comes to Number Portability…. MTN just successfully ported Etisalat’s SAKA
Saka, has been a house-hold name at Etisalat for long..

Saka, whose real name is Hafiz (Afeez) Oyetoro is one actor that is synonymous to comedy. Popularly called by fans as Saka, a character he played in the much celebrated TV comedy soap, House Apart, the slim bodied and fair in complexion father of three is sure one person that is a strict disciplinarian, in contrast to the character he plays in most movies.

He is a lecturer at The Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education. He’s a very capable teacher and actor.

He’s been a popular name, face and brand at Etisalat for long and has appeared in different TV Commercials (TVC) for Etisalat. Folks usually enjoy watching him and his very funny clips.

Number portability  allows you to move from your existing network to another and has been in the pipeline for a while. NCC announced it open to the public on Monday. Many folks have said that MTN is going to be the worst hit as many MTN subscribers have complained about the unsatisfactory service they have been receiving.

I’m sure MTN noticed this and came up with a strategy to hit a particular network at the jugular. They wasted no time at doing that.

They started with an ad that I saw in the newspaper last week where MTN used this slogan where they referred to Etisalat. In the ad, MTN said this:

“For instance, if you are currently on Etisalat and wishes to port to MTN, you will go to an MTN store nearest to you and start the porting process.”

Can you see what MTN did there? Etisalat was shot in the heart. They used Etisalat as the example of a network that people may want to port from to MTN. Airtel or GLO wasn’t mentioned.

As if that was not enough, they released a TVC yesterday using SAKA, a name that has been popular with Etisalat’s TVC,. Not only that SAKA was seen as porting to MTN while dancing around, but something happened just at the mid point of the TVC. Take your time and watch it, you will see that the colour of SAKA’s attire was green–the colour Etisalat uses. All the while the character singing was backing the camera wearing a green attire. As the character tuned back, it was revealed that it is SAKA!!! and the attire also changed from green to Yellow–the colour of MTN. I DON PORT O!!!

SAKA kept singing that he has ported and asked everyone else to port. Awesome Ad.

Is SAKA saying he has terminated his contract with Etisalat and moved to MTN?

Who wouldn’t Port if N20m is involved anyways.

 MTN must have seen the number of people who are ready to leave their network and started this campaigns in earnest. I am waiting to see how this will play out and the response that Etislat will launch

Are you currently satisfied with your own mobile network provider or are you going to port like SAKA? 


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