Nengi Warikoko Replies Rumour Mongers. “I’m not Genevieve’s Daughter”

The Previous Pics that was tagged Genevieve's Daughter Chimebuka

The Previous Pics that was tagged Genevieve’s Daughter Chimebuka

Also Tagged Chimebuka

Also Tagged Chimebuka

So I was going through Stella Dimoko’s Blog and I saw this and decided to do a typical Naija Blogger’s work; “ctrl+c + ctrl+v” if you know what I mean. Lol.

I brought jinglegists readers this cos while I was reading through, it just occured to me that “had it not been for my BB low ba3, I also would have brought you this same news in error hoping to thrill you fans with the news of Genevieve’s Daughter caught on camera.” But seriously Genny has really done a good job of keeping her daughter from the Paparazzi’s and all these celebrity dramas.

Hmmmm. Makes you wonder how many of the news we read on blogs comes with an Apology attached to them few days later. Lol.
Anyways, no man de get all the whole news complete sha, when you no be CNN (even CNN sef), so I guess Blogging still narrows down to a lot of “ctrl+c, ctrl+v” business and also the “Apology” part sha unless u wan de report everything wey de happen for your family only.

STELLA D has this to say:

Enquirer website carried the breaking news that Nengi Warikoko is Actress Genevieves Daughter and they even renamed her ‘Chimebuka’.

The BB circulation says that Genevieves long lost daughter had been revealed.

Well I did copy and paste(so to say)and asked if the person in the picture was indeed Genevieve’s child,knowing this rumour was coming in a second time and we all know the adage of ‘no smoke without fire’

Nengi nicely contacted me and debuked being Genevieves child…This is the second time she will be  put on the hotseat as being the famous actress’ daughter.

Nengi must have read the comments here on the other story cos she sent more pictures and said there was no iota of resemblance between her and the actress.

This is what she said

Dear Stella,

I just got a link from someone concerning a post on your blog. I am the person in the pictures. The pictures are like 2yrs old, I am 22 and a graduate of university of port harcourt, Mbgn Tourism 2010. I am not genevieve’s daughter. You can check my facebook page Nengi Warikoko and my instagram @call_her_khal. There is no striking resemblance.

Thank you,

Best Regards”

See the pictures she sent to show there is no nose.eyes,teeth or hair resemblance oh.

lets see if anyone else will bring this up again anytime in the near future.

thanks Nengi!

No be small thing ooo…

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