Solomon Akiyesi Drama Continues As He Gets A Teeth Cracking Slap From Uloma

The drama sems to be endless!

Solomon has been going from pillar to post trying to appease all the women in his life……Talk of an unrepentant Cassanova eeeh!

I just Confirmed that loverboy has been making endless phone calls to his legally married first wife Ezinne Akiyesi and urging her not to release their marriage details or pictures to me.

Yesterday Sunday April 14,2013 A day after his botched third Marriage,Solomon went to Visit Uloma in Ikeja where she is cooling off from prying eyes and ‘questionaire’ friends and he got more than he bargained for.

Angry Uloma watched as Solomon paid her a visit and began to plead for forgiveness and a second chance….She sat and watched the man she had been dishing out money to in love…..She watched and lost her cool and people in the house watched as Uloma repeatedly landed hot,teeth displacing slaps on Solomons face.

Solomon was rescued by concerned in house observers and asked to leave.he left with smoke oozing out of his entire face due to the hot slaps.

It is confirmed that Ulomas Family members have spoken to Ezinne and confirmed she is the orignal wife number one.

This one na Seasonal Film o. Lol

In case you missed the Season 1 Read It Here

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