Late Goldie’s property to be auctioned May 1st

Goldie’s properties, according to her family, are going to be auctioned for and the money made from the auctioning will be donated to “Project Alert On Violence Against Women” NGO.

Her properties will be auctioned to the general public on the 1st of May 2013.

Project Alert is a non-governmental women’s rights organisation set up to provide information on all forms of violence against women and render support services to female victims of violence. Project Alert is being established to play this critical role. Ideal as it may seem to affiliate Project Alert to one of the already existing women’s rights organisation, this will only succeed in further playing down the importance and seriousness of these issues. Violence against women is a cog in the wheel of this country’s development process.

The public will be informed of the address of where this auction will take place as soon as possible.

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