JINGLE Downloads: Nicki Laoye – Only You

The anticipation for Nikki Laoye’s new single “ONLY YOU” has been steadily building over the past few weeks since the sneak preview performance at select events recently.
Following the release of her dance hit single, “1-2-3″, the heart-rending, love-laced ballad, “ONLY YOU”, superbly produced by top producer, Rotimikeys brings the magical soothing sound of Nikki to the fore once again. Fondly tagged “The Queen of Harmonies” by fans and friends, “ONLY YOU” reins in the title a bit more as the lush vocal arrangements over the excellently crafted musical symphony, show forth the unique and amazing vocal dexterity of Nikki Laoye.
Written by Nikki and her close friend, Nelson Ekperi, “ONLY YOU” is an expression of love, confidence – celebrating a Father’s Love – call it “The Hero’s Anthem” and it’s also dedicated to the memory of Nikki’s late father, Prince Olushola Isaac Laoye.
On the song, Nikki speaks, “Losing my father and watching him slip away in my arms, 3 months to my wedding, was the most traumatic experience of my life. He was my Hero, my best friend…Everything I had ever believed in was challenged and nothing seemed to make sense anymore. I was shattered beyond a million pieces and no one could totally understand the pain i was going through as I quietly slipped away into my own world of anger and depression, refusing to be consoled.  But there He was…the ONE, who held on tightly to my mind, who refused to let me go even when I turned away in grief & despair; the ONE who kept whispering words of love, joy and peace to my heart every second over the past 1 year.
The ONE who came swooshing down to rescue me & held my hand through it all..
Yes, “ONLY YOU” celebrates my true SuperHero of all times, Jesus – the ONE who always gives beauty for ashes and i just simply wanna say It’s been ONLY YOU,No one else But You.
ONLY YOU was produced by Rotimikeys (@rotimikeys) and mixed by 
Olaitan Dada (@olaitandada) for Natialo Productions.
Another hit single from Nikki Laoye’s upcoming sophomore album, “ONLY YOU” is a song everyone can easily connect with and certainly a hit record that would remain deeply.


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