Beautiful Benin Sculpture Makes 15 Greatest Masterpieces At The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is one of the premier art institutions in the world.

But with a large number of works of art on show at one some time to two thousand sq ft of show space, it can be difficult to choose which works of art to search for. In fact, it seems like you could spend days inside the art gallery and still not see everything.

A selection of 15 must-see works of art at the Met was made by Christine Kuan, the chief curator at Artsy.

“The Urban Museum of Art is a value chest of works of art from every lifestyle, period of time, and method, so picking a simple 15 is almost difficult,” Kuan said. “The ones proven here are personal most favorite — they stun me with their beauty, creativity, and power. More than just remarkable works of creative accomplishment, these things also illustrate what human society can generate at its best.”

Kuan also offered explanations of these performs, and informed us why she believes they’re so important.

The masterpiece Head of a Queen Mother (Iyoba) from Nigeria (1750–1800) among many others made the selection. “This beautiful Benin sculpture of the head of a Queen Mother (Iyoba) from the 18th century is such a strong example of the aesthetic influence African art has had on artists everywhere. Being able to be inspired by artists and cultures of all time periods is what makes the Met one of the most extraordinary institutions in the world.”

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