Ten Good Tips To Make Your Woman Watch Sports With You,,,

Wouldn’t life be ever so much easier if your girl actually wanted to watch certain sporting events with you? Like say the two of you watched your favorite football team together every Sunday, instead of you trying to watch it while she runs around doing stuff that makes it hard to concentrate on the game. Well, it’s not impossible, here are ten good tips on how to get your girl to watch sports with you.

1 – Cook for her. The thing about cooking a meal for a girl, is it sort of makes her like you, but at the same time makes her feel sort of beholding to you. Why not take advantage of that and insist the meal be eaten in front of the telly watching the game?

2 – Bargain. Contrary to popular belief, girls can be bargained with. It’s simply a matter of putting the right offer on the table. She watches one team with you, you do that one thing she’s been trying to get you to do since time began. There is a very important point here. Don’t try to get her interested in all the games you like. Pick just one team, your favorite, and one sport. At least at first.

3 – Don’t tell her, let her ask. When the game is on, don’t sit there like the expert looking down on her. If she wants to know how or why something is going on, let her ask, otherwise the whole thing is like a big lecture for her.

4 – Make it an US versus THEM thing. Women love feeling like they are a part of something, so make sure you have a favorite team that you root for and that she can get behind with you. Snarl at the opponents and put them down. Make it fun.

5 – Make it personal. Tell her some of your stories growing up playing the sport you want her to watch. Give her some idea of why it meant something to you. Give her a reason to have some interest to. Also, listen to her stories if she has any. Compare.

6 – Invite interested friends. Hers, not yours, don’t try to make her one of the guys. But make sure her friends root for the team you root for, or it’ll be her against you and that won’t be fun.

7 – Buy her a jersey. Or hat, or gloves, mittens, etc. Encourage her to wear your teams insignia, it’ll get her feeling like she’s part of the whole thing.

8 – Ask her opinion. Who does she think will win, etc. Listen to what she says and take her views seriously, respect what she has to say. Her opinions and/or picks can’t be any worse than yours.

9 – Make her comfortable. Give her the best seat or the best view. Make her feel as if a guest to something the two of you are sharing together. Something you can do together. Something you can add to your history.

10 – Point out personalities and histories. Finally, during commercials or between games, tell her about some of the greats for the past and how they inspired you. Or tell her about past rivalries. This kind of stuff personalizes things and forges a connection between the two of you and your team.

These ten good tips on how to get your girl to watch sports with you is for all the guys out there who think life would be better if they could watch their favorite team take on all comers with their girl happily at their side. If you are such a guy, I hope you give some or all of these tips a try, and find success and a shared sports bliss with your girl. Good luck man.

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