In every family the atmosphere can get hot which leads to disputes and sparkles. While women are very good at arguing so are men. They are often quiet while we talk and they watch us without understanding it… just because they don’t listen.

As oppose to the gentlemen, ladies can concentrate much easily on what they want to say. And we can do it for hours. But for out talk to be effective, we want the man to actively participate.
So, our mission is to make him hear us?

First advice is to evaluate if he is the appropriate interlocutor for the topic. You cannot be angry that he doesn’t listen carefully if you talk to him how hard it is to cut your cuticles. No matter how much the man loves you, some things just are too much. You want him, keep your girly topics for your friends. It’s the same way you die of boredom when he talks about tires, wheels and engines, understand how stunned he is when you talk about shoes.

Second advice: talk with specifics. If you want him to listen and understand what you want from him, explain it simply and clearly.
Do not talk triads just to prove your talking skills. The most import thing is him to understand.

This is effective when you don’t constantly put stress on why he didn’t buy what you wanted, but you haven’t tried to explain as well. “I wanted something sweet, not biscuits”, for example. But the man cannot read minds (sometimes even we don’t know what we want), so be specific and you will avoid any drama and fights of the “You don’t understand and listen to me” type.

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A lot of times you hear women say that their man doesn’t listen to them. What they really mean is that their guys don’t really hear what they have to say. There are various reasons for this, most of which can be fixed. The ten tips below on how to get your man to listen to you can be used by any girl that is in a relationship with a man,.
1 – Don’t blather on: It’s hard to follow a conversation when one of the participants speaks in a random fashion, and adds things that have nothing to do with the topic. If you talk like this with your man, he will have a hard time following you and will eventually begin to tune you out.

2 – Mean what you say: If you tell your man you will do something, do it. If you tell him about something that happened to you, give the story straight. In other words, don’t tell him things that aren’t really the way things are. This causes confusion and leads to you not being taken seriously when you talk.

3 – Get to the point: If you have some bit of information that you want your man to know, then get right to it. Leading up to it will only distract him. Just get his attention and give him the information flat out. It’s the most efficient way to communicate.

4 – Give some signals: People say an awful lot of things to the people that are closest to them, most of which is unimportant to the relationship. Therefore, if you want to say something to your man that does have some importance, let him know that it’s coming so that he can tune in properly. Tug on his sleeve, or touch his face. Look in square in the eyes; whatever it takes to get the two of you on the same wavelength. Then say it.

5 – Speak with authority: If you mouth off a lot about things you don’t really know about, such as your opinions on gossip on trivial matters such as what’s going on with characters on your tv show, your man will lose respect for what you have to say. Therefore, try to make it a point to converse in mature, respectful ways and to only judge or espouse opinions if you truly have the knowledge to do so.

6 – Watch your topic: The thing with men and women conversing is, they don’t always have the same amount as interest for both parties. Yes, it would be fantastic if your man would be interested in all the minutia going on in your life, but the odds are against it. Therefore, if you want your man to listen to you, try to limit talking about the things you know he truly doesn’t care about.

7 – Listen to yourself: Sometimes when you’re talking with your man, get outside of yourself for a bit and just listen to what you are actually saying to him. Then put yourself in his shoes. Would you listen?

8 – Be empathetic: If you want your man to listen to you, you need to be empathetic to his own feelings. For example if you expect him to listen to you recount the events of your day at work, and he’s just not interested, you’re asking more from him than he can give. This is not to say he’s completely off the hook, but it would help if you considered his side of things when you wonder why he doesn’t listen to you.

9 – Offer rewards: This is not to say that men are like dogs, easily suggestible if only you dangle the right reward before his nose, but the truth is, people are susceptible to tangible rewards. It doesn’t have to involve bedroom rewards, but of course it can. The idea is to reward your man for listening to you, in subtle. For example, if he mentions something you told him, touch his cheek and smile at him. Simple things like that can go a very long way.

10 – Listen to him: The sad fact is, if you want your man to listen to you, then you have to be willing to listen to him. It’s a simple trade-off, and one that has stood the test of time. It’s just being fair. You can’t expect to get what you aren’t willing to give yourself.

These ten good tips on how to get your man to listen to you, can be used and applied by any woman that is in a relationship with a man. If you are such a woman, I hope these tips help you get him to listen to you. Good luck.

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