Justin Bieber collapsed backstage in London during a concert and was treated with oxygen, he insisted on completing the show after he was resuscitated and afterwards was transported to a hospital in London.

A source close to Justin tells tmz that
“the singer felt woozy during the show at the O2 Arena … and with 4 songs to go, he stumbled backstage where he collapsed”.

We’re told the singer was pulled into a private room where he was treated with oxygen from emergency personnel. Though, Bieber was advised to go to the hospital … he declined … insisting that he “had to finish the show for his fans.”
That’s when Bieber’s rep, Scooter Braun, went on stage and told the crowd … 
“Justin’s got very light breath. The whole show he’s been complaining, He’s backstage with the EMTs and the doctor.”
Justin Bieber completed the show like he said and got a huge ovation and was transported to a London hospital afterwards.

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