FACTS: Stats about Ryan Giggs; The Man behind the Legend

1. Giggs’ first goal for Manchester United was probably not his. It came in a 1-0 win over Manchester City on Saturday May 4, 1991 via a massive deflection off Colin Hendry

2. Manchester United have played 4,354 times in the league since 1892. Ryan Giggs has played 15 per cent of those games

3. Ryan Giggs has picked up just 28 bookings in his footballing career. That is an average of one caution every 36 games

4. Manchester United team-mate Phil Jones wasn’t born when Giggs made his Manchester United debut on March 2, 1991

5. Ryan Giggs has played in 77 per cent of Manchester United’s Premier League matches

6. Giggs has played in 613 Premier League games. That is more than these 35 teams…Man City (608), Middlesbrough (536), Southampton (532), Bolton (494), Leeds (468), Fulham (444), Sunderland (444), Coventry (354), Sheff Wednesday (316), Wimbledon (316), Leicester (308), Charlton (304) Wigan (292), Birmingham (266), Portsmouth (266), Derby (266), West Brom (254), Norwich (228), QPR (228), Ipswich (202), Nottingham Forest (198), Stoke (178), Crystal Palace (160), Wolves (152), Sheffield United (122), Reading (102), Oldham (84), Hull (76), Bradford (76), Watford (76), Swansea (64), Swindon (42), Blackpool (38), Barnsley (38) and Burnley (38).

7. Ryan Giggs’ dad is former rugby player Danny Wilson who was capped for Wales

8. By the time David Beckham made his Manchester United debut in 1992, Giggs had already won two league titles, an FA Cup and a League Cup

9. Alex Ferguson once chased an 18-year-old Giggs out of a house-party at Lee Sharpe’s gaff. This was the only time anyone caught him

10. Juventus legend Alessandro Del Perio described Giggs as being one of two players who made him cry. The other was Roberto Baggio

11. Ryan Giggs played in his own testimonial. It was against Celtic in 2002 and he was aged just 29

12. Giggs has scored 109 Premier League goals. This is more than Barnsley (37), Burnley (42), Swindon (47), Blackpool (55), Watford (64), Bradford (68), Hull (73), Swansea (82) and Oldham (105)

13. Of his 109 goals, 50 have come in the first half of games and 59 have come in the second half

14. Ryan Giggs has the most assists in Premier League history with 279. 75 per cent of these have come from open play

15. Ryan Giggs has averaged one goal every five-and-a-half games in his footballing career

16. Giggs has scored more goals against Tottenham than against any other club

17. Nobody had moshed to ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ when Giggs first scored for United. It hadn’t been released

18. When Ryan Giggs first scored for United petrol was less than 40p a litre

19. PC World opened its first ever store the same year Giggs scored his first ever professional goal

20. Manchester United have played Liverpool 41 times in the Premier League. Giggs has played in 37 of those meetings

21. Ryan Giggs was the third ever teenager to score in the Premier League, behind Paul Bernard and Ray Parlour

22. Giggs is the only man to have played in 18 Champions League campaigns

23. Ryan Giggs has more hair on his chest than a fully-grown brown bear

24. He has slept with more women than Paul Scholes has ginger pubes

25. Giggs is one of five Welsh men who have been inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame

26. He is the only Premier League player to have won the Golden Foot Award

27. Giggs was the first person to ever win the PFA Young Player of the Year Award two seasons on the spin (in 1991/92 and 1992/93)

28. Giggs was spotted as a youngster by newsagent and Old Trafford steward Harold Wood.

29. In 1994 Giggs had his own programme on Channel 4 called ‘Ryan Giggs’ Soccer Skills’


We are fast running out of words to describe how brilliant Ryan Giggs is, so we thought we’d use numbers and pictures instead.

The Welshman, who signed a new one-year contract on Friday (appropriately, St David’s Day) is on the brink of playing his 1,000th senior match as a professional for Manchester United, Wales and Great Britain. The 39-year-old keeps on knocking down records, but we think you’ll agree this one deserves special attention.

So in United Uncovered’s latest infographic, we’ve focused on telling the story – with the help of stats, graphs and charts – of how he got to this point after 22 years in the professional game.

Download the Infographic

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