TIPS FOR MEN: Ways to make your marriage a happy one.

By CasRobinson A.K.A. Ancestor

• DON’T TEASE HER FOR PRIMPING: She wants to look nice for you! If you constantly go on about how much time she spends on her hair or manicures, she may take it that you don’t appreciate her femininity or her effort to look pretty. Let her know she’s beautiful when she fixes herself up

• TAKE HER ON A SURPRISE DATE: Secretly arrange for someone to watch your children, if you have them, then surprise your wife by taking her out for a night that she’ll not forget soon!

• SAY YOU’RE SORRY: Don’t be too macho to say, “I’m sorry” if you’re in the wrong. In fact you’ll be a much bigger a man if you do.

• LEAVE THE STRESS OF WORK AT WORK: I’m not saying that you can’t talk to your wife about your job or the things that bother you. I’m saying that if you’ve had a bad day, don’t take it out on your wife and family. It’s easy to be grumpy after a long day of work. Don’t snap at the people who love you. If you need to vent your frustrations, talk them out with your wife. She’ll be glad to lend an ear if you need to talk

• DON’T HIDE ANYTHING FROM YOUR WIFE: Be open and honest with your wife about everything. Keep an open line of communication between the two of you at all times. Keeping things from her, even small things, can hurt a relationship. If she should find out from another source, she would feel hurt and disappointed that you didn’t feel like you could share with her. This could ultimately damage her trust in you as well.

• TAKE A SHOWER TOGETHER Here’s a way to get clean and have fun at the same time! Jump in the shower, mesh together, and do a lot of kissing! Be sensitive if your wife feels insecure, and make sure that you reassure her often.

• SHOW PATIENCE DURING HORMONAL TIMES: If your wife gets a little hard to live with during certain times of the month cos of her period, be patient. This is especially important too if she’s pregnant or a new mother. She can’t control her emotions very well during these times, and will need your support.


• SHOW HER APPRECIATION FOR EVERYDAY THINGS: You’ll leave the waitress a tip, but what about the lady who is there to wait on you 24/7? Surprise her as she clears the supper table by thanking her and genuinely complimenting the meal. Praise her when the house looks and smells nice or just for the things that she does every day. It will mean the world to her to hear your appreciation and make her want to do more.

• PRIASE HER IN FRONT OF OTHERS: Let your wife hear you brag on her while you’re talking to others. She may blush or say something back, but secretly she’s feeling proud that you’re her man.

• PRAISE HER TO HER FACE: Tell your wife that you appreciate all that she does and the love that she shows to you.

• HOLD HANDS: Wives feel special when their husbands reach over and take their hand especially in d public. It’s just a simple gesture, but it goes a very long way in creating a HAPPY HOME/RELATIONSHIP!

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