Most extravagant celebrity Valentine’s Day gifts

Celebrities get to do some pretty outrageous things and we speculate in awe with our gossip magazines in hand or sitting in front of an episode of Access Hollywood. It’s the stuff of fantasies. Celebrity gifting for Valentine’s Day is no exception.


Brad and Angelina

Brad must really love olives, because in 2010 Angelina got him his own unlimited supply in the form of an olive tree. Brad’s 200-year-old tree cost $30,000 and was purchased for planting at their French chateau. The Chateau Miraval has its own olive grove, so Brad’s tree won’t be alone. Plus, it’s got a vineyard and its own moat! A moat probably comes in handy for this paparazzi-hounded couple.


Justin and Selena

Ahh… young love. So impulsive and romantic. Justin Bieber told one florist, “Hey, gimme all your roses. I’ll take the tulips, too. What about daisies? You know what? I’ll take everything!” Yes, he bought out the entire shop to fill Selena’s house with flowers. It must have smelled great in there for weeks.


David and Victoria

David Beckham’s Valentine extravagance is much more straightforward. Posh Spice scored an $8 million Bulgari necklace. If that’s Valentine’s, what happens for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day and anniversaries? How much is David worth after a year of gift giving?


Howard and Beth

Even Howard Stern is not immune to Cupid’s bow. His divorce didn’t sour him on love, because the shock jock pulled the ultimate cliche with a Valentine’s Day engagement to Beth Ostrosky in 2007. Her bling consisted of a 5.2-carat emerald-cut ring. They married in 2008 and they’re still together. Aww…


David and Courteney

We all have our thing. Some of us just love antiques. Some of us love a carnival. David Arquette got the best of both worlds from former wife Courteney Cox when she gifted him an antique carousel horse for Valentine’s Day before they split. They are said to be valued at up to $45,000. These antique beauties are not the cheap stuff you would see in today’s theme parks. They are usually solid wood, hand crafted and hand painted with brass poles. That’s got to look pretty cool in the living room.


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