Tribute to Maryjane Obieze… (A light that went out before its time)

I have never really been good at writing tributes, but I sit and I reason this and I say to myself; “no matter how it turns out I must do this”.

Even though I hardly know you personally, being a member of “Federation Theatre, Unizik, Awka” automatically makes you my Sister because that is what we all have been from way back in my days in Federation Theatre. As I sit and write this, I can’t help but fight back the tears swelling in my eyes. There are so many things I wish to say but I’m so caught up in my emotions that I can’t even bring them all out.

Who would have guessed that this is what 2013 Valentine will bring us; “Tears”. The news came as a shock to us all on the 15th of February; that Federation Theatre has lost one of her Gems, it hit us all below the belt. The only thing I could think of that day was “We have never lost a member” and this fact even made it more unbearable. It is with a heavy heart that I write this today and with the same heart filled with grief I say this “Ozoemena (may it not happen again)”.

What words will express this way I feel? Who can replace the hole you left in our hearts? Why did this have to happen? Oh!! Death where is thy sting? There are lots of questions I could ask, but most of them will be without an answer. Even as hard as it may seem to believe this sometimes, I still believe it that; “whatever happens in this tearful world has a reason”. God knows the best and only he knows why you had to leave us this early. No one can question Him.

Maryjane Obieze I can’t help but wonder how those who have known you all their lives are feeling right now, saying “Heartbroken, Torn and Battered” will be putting it mildly. If Tears can bring back the dead, then you my Dear Jane will be here smiling with us right now. It is beyond imagination how these things happen. As I try to fight back these tears, I also think to myself; “One day it’ll be my turn to go” because it has been proven beyond reasonable doubts that Death is an inevitable end that awaits us all.

Maryjane Obieze I can say no more because nothing I say will change the fact that you are gone. The only Solace we have is in the fact that we know you are in a better place than this sorrowful world. May the Lord give us all the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. May He accept your humble soul and grant you eternal rest. Till we meet to part no more.

Rest in Peace Maryjane Obieze…

On behalf of all Fed. Lords and Fed. Members… Lord-DJ_Blaze…

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17 thoughts on “Tribute to Maryjane Obieze… (A light that went out before its time)

  1. Maryjane Obieze. Hmmmmmm I’ve been holding my phone button without knowing what to actually type

    Dear maryjane obieze I miss you so much but death couldn’t let you be and stay longer with us. U were a friend with a heart of gold, hw much u meant to me can never be known. Ure a friend to be talked aboutn so sweet and so true.

    I remember the last time me, yourself and johnpeter hanged out close to y junction awka. Tears are gently rolling down my cheek as I remember how peaceful uve always been while alive. I guess ill have more to say later, but for now dear marjane, RIP sweetheart

  2. Its a pity dat a young vibrant live just left us ,it came with a rude shock ,but I pray to God to grant ur soul joy ,as it has wished our lord to take you now,I no he has better plans.we can’t question him bt thank him for d life spent on earth,am also begging God to accept ur soul n place u at his bossom Amen.Eternal rest grant unto u o lord and let the perpetual light shine upon you,May ur soul and all the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace Amen.we love you bt God loves u most.farewell!farewell!!farewell!!!

  3. Mj as u r fondly called by many, I am so confused till date y u had to go. The cold hands of death just took u away frm us (fetha). I rily dnt knw wot to write cos u were a rare gem to us. I luv u bt God loves u more. Sleep in d bolsom of the Lord.

    Maryjane Obieze, with hearth filled with sorrow ‘ sun re o’

  4. D way u smile, brings happiness 2 our faces. U re lyk a smooth breez that calms a troubled heart. I knw where ever u re, u re happy & Joyious. God will give us d strength 2 bear dis loss. Aduios Jenny till we meet to part no more.

  5. My always smiling Maryjane Obieze, i still cnt believe u left us without even saying goodbye…weneva i tink of u,i jst cnt help bt to rememba ure smiling face nd hw t hurts u so bad dt ur frend wasnt talkn 2 u on fed. theatre bbf period..I can remember vividly dt d incident on bbf made me envy nd admire ur soft nd caring heart…But finally God knws best 4 u nd all of us..Adios..Beautiful always smiling Damsel..we all luv u bt God loves u most

  6. Mary dis is d most shocking news I hve eva received as a fetha member, n being on a Val’s day, dt we always exchange gifts n hve fun in tieta family, hw I wish we can exchange ur death wit gifts, am sure tieta will bring enof gift 2 give u 100 more yrs, bt even d foolishness of God is wiser dan man, God knws best, all we pray is dt u rest in d bossom of d Lord, we’ll continue 2 pray 4u, jee nke oma ma dear Sister, I love u bt God love u more

  7. MJ u forever live in our hearts. U had a kind heart dat wanted peace. Quiet,peaceful,smiling face. Adieu Maryjane words cans eXplain hw we fee.RIP

  8. Stil can’t belv dt u ar gone maryjane,I kip picturin ur face,d last day I saw u was in theatre meetn alwz smilling,who could belv dt u would be gone dz early,theatre wil surely miss u our dear maryjane,sleep in d LORD cuz HE loves u more.RIP maryjane

  9. Death! Oh Death, A death that has silence and anger on it, WERE IS THY STING?
    Maryjane Obieze, If you don’t know the colours of sorrow: look at our (Fetha) tears,
    If you have never known Melancholy: feel the pains in our (Fetha) heart.
    If only i could turn back the hands of time, then the pangs of nostalgia i feel at present will be replenished with everlasting Joy and mirth!
    Till date it sounds and looks to me like a tale, still could not understand y u left us so soon, I cried and am still crying cus I found no 1 to xplain to me d meaning of ur demise,
    Why do u have to go?
    Is it really true dat we will not see you again?
    Ur demise still leaves us in a state of pandemonium,
    Buh we take solace in d scripture ( Ecclesiastes 3) which says dat there is time for everything, a time to to be born and a time to die, jst like an Igbo adage dat says Akwu dara na ana, acha na (a palm fruits dat falls on d ground is ripe for usage), out of so many, u were singled out by God to join him in his banquet, proving to us millitant, dat he has d best plan for his children. Interceed for us before the God of Mercy dat after our stay here on earth his banquet will be ours. Amen
    Beloved Maryjane we love you buh God loves you most. Que ton âme repose en paix parfaite douceur. Amen…………

  10. U may ve passed on, but ur light shines on in those whom u affected positively while u were alive. R.I.P MJ

  11. The walling of the new born infant is mingled wit d dew for d dead, death tugs at ear and says “live I’m coming”… Life is nothing but a story told by an Idiot to a fool,full of sound and fury,and signifying nothing…de mortuis nihil nisi bonum(nothing but the good is said of the dead),so let it be with u Maryjane!. Last time I met u,we took pictures,twas on a sunday,u were beaming with smiles. U gave me a striking impression as someone who repudiates rancour and odious attitudes with a dazzling feat. I danced with u at d conclusion of last big brother fed. I won’t restrain d tears from flowing, I won’t fight it…I’ll let it pour in torrents for u. Death is a necessary end that will com when it will come. Now that you are gone, its clear who d people truly love. I’ll burn a candle for u amidst my tears. May ur young soul rest in d bossom of God. Join St.Gelasius in praying for us…we LUV U bt God luvs u more. ADIEU sister, we’ll meet 2 part no more,cos der will be anoda federation theatre in Heaven….DUKE DEZRHYMES DON.

  12. Mary jane though we weren’t that close but we were related under the umbrella of fetha. We are going to miss you so much Rest in the bosom of the lord, there I know u will find peace.Till we meet to part no morem

  13. Mj, as I noticed that u we’re fondly called.I scrolled down to read all the lovely things pple had to say about you………and I really wish they cud bring you back.My prayer for u is dat God accepts your peaceful soul in his paradise.Amen!Rest in peace Mj,God loves you more than we.

  14. MJ, I met u at the last concluded bigbrother fed, you were so full of life.We danced and chatted I never knew it was the last time I will spend with you. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh blessed be the name of the Lord. Rest in peace my dear I will see you again in Heaven where we would dance with the angels praising God.

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