Osaze accepts West Brom punishment, returns to training

Peter Osaze Odemwingie has accepted unspecified disciplinary action against him from West Bromwich Albion after a series of Twitter attacks against the club and his attempt to force a move to QPR.

The striker travelled to the London side as the transfer window was closing and appeared to be under the impression that he would sign a deal there. But the move collapsed and Odemwingie was forced to return to West Brom.

He had further agitated for the move by using his personal Twitter account to express his frustration about remaining at West Brom. However, the club say they have now taken disciplinary action over his behaviour and the striker has returned to training.

“I understand how my actions have been viewed and want to apologise to the club and our supporters for any distress I have caused,” said Odemwingie. “I want to reassure everyone at the club and our fans that I will continue to give my all whenever I am selected. We have enjoyed a good season so far and I aim to play my part in keeping the club as high up the table as possible.”

Odemwingie will now be available for first-team selection once again.

West Brom’s chairman, Jeremy Peace, said: “This has been an extremely difficult time for the club and it was imperative that we dealt with such a serious matter both fully and correctly.

“We have made our position very clear throughout – both privately to Peter and publicly. Peter has apologised for his conduct to me personally and the club and our supporters as a whole. He has accepted his punishment and promised to comply with all club regulations moving forward.

“It was important that we resolved this episode as expediently as possible to enable everyone to focus on the most important issue at this club – competing in the Premier League.

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