JINGLEGISTS Poem of the day…

A Life Of Happiness

Walking barefoot on a secluded beach
Adoring the flat calm sea
For your hand I gently reach
And we stroll contentedly.

On a bench overlooking the beautiful bay
We eat fish and chips for lunch
Wild flowers along the clifftop sway
And I pick you a bunch.

Making plans for our life together
Lost in a world of our own
It seems we have waited almost forever
But at last we are alone.

We don’t ask much from the life we’re living
Just love and devotion, passion and care
Delighting in both taking and giving
Working hard on the relationship we share.

Contented sighs and heavenly kissing
Our path of life is clearly defined
We have found what we’ve been missing
Now and forever you are mine.

Oh I know we’ll share life’s torments
We’ll have drama’s too I guess
But I also know that this is the moment
And we’ll share a life of happiness.

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