Young couple naked Man and woman in love kissingLadies only know what their men want them to know in bed, mostly because they are genuinely satisfied with what the women do and because they don’t want to hurt the woman’s feelings by making her think she is not doing enough.

How about a free ride into your man’s mind?

1.     Let him see you- wear your emotions on your sleeves this time, let him see the effect of what he is doing to you, urge him to stay in front of a mirror with you and watch your reflection and he would be so grateful you suggested it.

2.    Boost his ego- remind him of how well he did it the last time and how fantastic he is with everything he does to you in bed. ask him for more of what he did before and how badly you want him to do it again.

3.    You are all his- make him aware of how much of his you are. Let him know all the goodies he’s getting, he is sharing with none other. spring the sex on him when he least expects and see him act like a little child who has been indulged.

4.    Be open- don’t be repetitive, try out new things, ideas and styles. Let him know it is okay to try it all out. This keeps him looking forward to your next time and craving more.

5.    Take charge- “rape” him, throw him back on the bed and be the boss, spank him if possible and let him know you are in charge. It is the ultimate guy fantasy to have a woman in charge, they love it.

6.    Give it to him-like no one else has done, be wild, do something extremely different from what you are sure he has ever done. Switch from oral sex to intercourse quickly and watch him lose his mind and look forward to the next time you’d do that. You don’t even have to be a professional to do these things.

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