How to write Good Music with OMOLARA

Here’s a chat/interview conducted by wif song writer/singer Omolara. Frankly, I didn’t know she’d written zis much songs. Very talented she is. I totally love her songs too. Zis is a fun read. Enjoy!omolara

Omolara has written more songs than there are weeks in a year. You probably don’t know this, but you’ve been listening to words she’s penned down. She’s written for Asa, Timi Dakolo, Bez, Chidinma, Praiz. She’s presently wrking on her album and putting out singles this year.
We’re hoping our industry here gets to the point where the people who write the songs are as important as the people who sing them.
Before then, and to nudge things in that direction, please doff your hats for the talented Miss Omolara.

How many songs have you written? For yourself and for others?

I know I’ve written over a hundred

All of them for yourself?

Not just for myself,for artists and commercials

Oh nice. Are there any of those songs you wish you’d kept for yourself?

Oh Yes! Quite a number of them! But I can’t sing them all! Lol! It just reassures me that I’m giving someone a really good songs.

How can you tell when a song is good?

Asides the rhythm,melody and all those other intricacies ,I think its just the feeling it gives,when the expression is clear ,when everything works well together to convey the message and the emotion

What’s the most beautifully written song ever, in your opinion?

Oh wow! That’s a tough one. I love too many Songs! I just can’t pick one! Bridge over troubled waters – Simon and Garfunkel. It’s such a beautiful and comforting  song.

Ok so what are you working on right now?

I’m working on a song with AYO,Project Fame 2012 winner. Fun!

If you could reeeeally have your way right now. Where would Omolara be, with her music?

Worldwide! Touring,performing you name it. Writing for film, theatre, artists as high as God desires

What’s the best thing about your life right now?

I’m doing what I’ve always loved to do,I get to share my talent with the world and I’m enjoying the freedom to be me and to be true to myself.

Who do you look forward to working with? Locally and internationally?

Another long list! Well. I love that the ladies are stepping out a lot more in the local music scene and I’m looking forward to working with any of them

Girl power! *laughs* Internationally I’d really love to work with Taio Cruz, Beyonce, Colbie Caillat, Pink, The Dream, and Neyo. They’re all fabulous singer/songwriters.

 What songs have you written?

I wrote Rich and Famous-Praiz, Co-wrote supersun,wrote technically-Bez, Co-wrote on Asa’s Last album,Beautiful imperfection, Co-wrote kedike,wrote be myself Chidinma (project fame), Written for Timi Dakolo,Monica (project fame winner 2011)

That’s an impressive list. Is that intentional? Playing it low key?

Not really. But I like to let the work speak for itself. Oh. I’ve written for Omolara as well :) ,be like yours,Tonight and Lover. She’s such a cool chic! *laughs*

So how do you begin writing a song?

It depends. Sounds weird but sometimes the song begins on its own and your just fortunate enough to have it pass through you, giving you the privilege of adding just a few touch- ups. But most times it starts with an idea,a concept. And then you find the words that best express what you feel.

The melody depends on the mood of the song,if its bright,dark,moody,sensual,happy,sad you have to be able to structure the right chords so that all the elements interact properly

So could anybody write a good song..or is it a gift?

Some people are naturally gifted at song writing but its also skill that can be acquired. But either way you only get better by constant practice.

In think the key to being a good writer is being a good reader of books. You draw inspiration from them, they help you build your vocabulary. Being a good listener is also important. Being good enough to observe the trends and being able to evolve.

Could we write a song together?

Okay. What’s It going to be about

Something fresh and exciting. Revenge!

*laughing* Revenge is good.

I’ll start!

She left me on a monday afternoon 

She left me all alone singing the blues

Her love had died, and she was gone too soon

But when I’m done with her,she’ll be singing a different tune 

I’m going write her nasty notes and call her names

I’m going to torture her with all my rage!

And watch her house burn down in flames!

Oooooh you chose the wrong heart to break!

Oooooh you made a very big mistake!

Don’t think that you’re a loaf of bread, you really are a stone!

Don’t think you are an S3 when you’re a Nokia torchlight phone!

Sorry, got carried away.

Remind me never to do you wrong. Ever.

*Laughing*This is the Naija version abi?

Tailored for the local market

I can’t stop laughing!

Just a warning to all would be heart breakers. So, What’s the coolest thing about you?

I would say my sense of humor.


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