How To Get Rid Of A Side Chick Or 2nd Girlfriend Before Valentine’s Day

Don’t do this at home. LOL.

The HINT Given By The Side Chick January 20th”

Text Convo #1

Girl – Babe I Really Wanna Do Something Special For Valentine’s Day … I Haven’t Had A Good Valentine’s Day In Years … I’m Glad I Have You In My Life This Year

Guy – I’m Not Really Into Celebrating Valentine’s Day Like That … I’ve Never Been A Fan Of It But Okay Cool

Girl – Hmm Okay …

Guy – *Continues Playing NBA 2K13 & Starts Thinking Of An Evil Master Plan*

Girl – *Sends Her Best Friend A Text Message About HIM Acting Suspect Around Valentine’s Day*

Time To Execute The Plan February 7th
The Guy Figures He’ll Start Up A Petty Argument Intentionally To Get Out Of Valentine’s Day Plans With The Side Chick … The Acting Sick & I Got Locked Up Lie Is Played Out

The Girl Is Looking Up Nice Restaurant Ideas & Online Shopping Around For His Valentine’s Day Gift … She’s Getting More & More Excited About The Romantic Holiday Approaching

Text Convo #2

Guy – I’ve Been Hearing Some Crazy Stuff Bout You SMFH

Girl – Wait What? Huh? I Think You Texted The Wrong Girl

Guy – Nah It’s The Right Text … Don’t Play Stupid With Me

Girl – What’s Your Problem? What THINGS Have You Heard About Me?

Guy – I Heard You Be Flirting With dudes On Instagram & Leaving With dudes After The Club … You Got Me Liking You On Some Serious Stuff & You Running Around The City Giving Out The Goods Like FEMA SMFH

Girl – FOH You Can’t Be Serious Right Now … Stop Playing With Me LOL

Guy – I’m Dead Ass Serious … I’m Also Done With You’re Lying self Too … Have A Nice Life Hoe

Girl – You’re Seriously Bugging For No  Reason … I Do Not Flirt With NOBODY On Instagram Besides My Homegirls … WHOEVER Feeding You These Lies Is A  HATER That Needs To Grow Up & Get Off Me..I’m Mad You Believing This Too … You Got My Eyes Watering Right Now … I Hate Being Falsely Accused … Who’s Feeding You These Lies About Me?

Guy – That’s Not Even Important Right Now … I’m Just Going To Start Doing Me Again … Nice Guys Always Get messed up…

Girl – So I Can’t Know Who Got My Name In Their Mouth? Have A Good Night … My Head Hurts I’m Going To Bed

“The Plan Executed To Perfection”
*The Guy Intentionally Stops Replying …

The Girl Does Not Go To Bed … She Calls Her Best Friend Crying On The Phone About The Situation … She Has No Idea Who Could Possibly Be Feeding HIM Lies About Her*

The Next Week Goes By With Only A Few Dry Text Convos Exchanged … The Girl Starts Seeing Side Chick Valentine’s Day Jokes On Instagram & Twitter … The Jokes Start Making Her Thinking He Just Started The Big Argument To Cancel Valentine’s Day Plans With Her

Text Convo #3 – February 12th

Girl – So I’ll Be Seeing You On Valentine’s Day Or Nah?

Guy – Who’s This? All My Contacts Got Deleted Yesterday *Lies He’s Looking Right At Her Name*

Girl – It’s Me *Sends Picture Of Her Face*

Guy – I Don’t Think I’m Celebrating This Year … I’m Not In Love with Nobody LOL

Girl – Okay Whatever Bye.
“Valentine’s Day Arrives”

The Girl Is Super Emo … She’s Not Answering None Of Her Text Messages & Phone Calls … Several Guys Are Hitting Her Up Trying To Link Up aka Get Some Valentine’s Day loving … She’s Just Going To Stay Home, Watch Movies, & Eat Ice Cream

The Guy Has Plans For Dinner At Peter Luger … He Also Bought His Girlfriend Flowers, Chocolate, & The New Isabel Marant Sneakers She Wanted Badly … He’s Praying His Girlfriend Doesn’t Wanna Take Pictures For Instagram & Facebook

The Girlfriend Makes Him Take A “Headed Out With My Boo” Picture, A “At The Dinner Table” Picture & Gets Somebody To Snap A Pic Of Them Kissing Like Love Birds … She Makes Sure They Uploaded On Her Instagram & His Instagram With Mad Different Super Mushy Captions

The Girl Is Home Sad & Being Nosy On Instagram … The Pics Of Her “HIM” & His Girlfriend Pop Up On Her Phone Screen … She Immediately Becomes Enraged … Her Skin Turns Green … Her Calf Muscles Start Growing … Her Biceps Get hard … The Tears Start Flowing … Her Face Start Resembling A Thunderstorm … She Screen Shots The Pictures & Sends Them To Her Lonely Best Friend … the situation is About To Get Very Authentic

Text Convo #4 February 14th 10:59 PM

Girl – So All This Time You Had A Girlfriend? I so  Feel Like Punching You In The Face … You Couldn’t Just Keep It Real You Bastard? You Are Really A Bastard For Wasting My Time …I Hope Your Girl Like How I Taste Too … I Should Send Her These Pictures I Have Of You Sleeping Naked In Bed Too As A Valentine’s Day Gift From Me … I Could Instagram Some Too … Would You Like That Or Nah? I Hate You … You Will PAY For This!!!!!! #DieSlow

Guy – Please Stop Acting Like Some Hurt Little Girl …I’ll Come Speak To u Tomorrow About Everything … Please Don’t Hate Me

Girl – BYE!!!!!

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