Mercy Johnson To feature Alongside MI, Wizkid, Sakordie In Ice Prince’s Aboki Remix

Award winning rapper, Ice Prince on Tuesday night announced the line-up for the remix of ‘Aboki’ The Chocolate City rapper tweeted on Tuesday night; “Aboki Remix!!! Zamani (Nig), Khuli Chana (SA), Mercy Johnson (Nig), Wizkid (Nig), MI (Nig)Sakordie (Ghana)!!” As much as the star-studded line-up caught everyone’s attention, the surprising inclusion would be Mercy Johnson who apart from just being delivered of a baby has not proven her dexterity in music.

In fact, we’ve never heard her sing, even in movies…well, maybe she has done a few lines in movies, but singing along with African music stars in a remix of the song of one of Africa’s best? Mercy Johnson must have some hidden talents we are not aware of.

Who else can’t wait to listen to the remix of Aboki? Brace up cos we too are on the waiting list.

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