Fixtures for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa: 19 January to 10 February. Via @jingle_gists

Group A
South Africa
Cape Verde

All times are GMT
(Matches to be played in Durban unless stated otherwise)
19/01/13: South Africa v Cape Verde (16:00 in Johannesburg), Angola v Morocco (19:00 in Johannesburg)
23/01/13: South Africa v Angola (15:00), Morocco v Cape Verde (18:00)
27/01/13: South Africa v Morocco (17:00), Cape Verde v Angola (1700 in Port Elizabeth)

Group B
DR Congo

(Matches to be played in Port Elizabeth unless stated otherwise)
20/01/13: Ghana v DR Congo (1500), Mali v Niger (1800)
24/01/13: Ghana v Mali 1500, Niger v DR Congo (1800)
28/01/13: Ghana v Niger (1700), DR Congo v Mali (1700 in Durban)

Group C
Burkina Faso

(Matches to be played in Nelspruit unless stated otherwise)
21/01/13: Zambia v Ethiopia (1500), Nigeria v Burkina Faso (1800)
25/01/13: Zambia v Nigeria (1500), Burkina Faso v Ethiopia (1800)
29/01/13: Zambia v Burkina Faso (1700), Ethiopia v Nigeria (1700 in Rustenburg)

Group D
Ivory Coast

(Matches to be played in Rustenburg unless stated otherwise)
22/01/13: Ivory Coast v Togo (1500), Tunisia v Algeria (1800)
26/01/13: Ivory Coast v Tunisia (1500), Algeria v Togo (1800)
30/01/13: Ivory Coast v Algeria (1700), Togo v Tunisia (1700 in Nelspruit)

02/02/13: Gp B winners v Gp A runners-up (1500 in Port Elizabeth), Gp A winners v Gp B runners-up (1830 in Durban)
03/02/13: Gp D winners v Gp C runners-up (1500 in Rustenburg), Gp C winners v Gp D runners-up (1830 in Nelspruit)

06/012/13: Winners quarter-final 2 v winners quarter-final 3 (1500), Winners quarter-final 4 v winners quarter-final 1 (1830 in Nelspruit)

Third place play-off
09/02/13: Semi-finals losers (1800 in Port Elizabeth)

10/02/13: Semi-finals winners (1800 in Johannesburg)

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