Rihanna posts cryptic Chris Brown tweet, is she considering taking him back?

Rihanna has posted a somewhat cryptic picture of what looks to be her and Chris Brown holding hands.

Rihanna posted this picture of her and Chris Brown when they were an item. Copyright [Instagram/Rihanna]


The ‘Umbrella’ signer captioned the picture “#THROWBACKtolastTHURSDAY.”

Rihanna of course announced that she was single via Instagram on Tuesday, simply stating: “Being single sucks.”

The photo would therefore have been taken while Rihanna was still romantically involved with Chris.

So does this mean that Rihanna is having second thoughts about breaking up with him or is she simply being nostalgic?

One reason why Rihanna decided to post the picture could have been in reaction to a picture posted by Chris Brown yesterday.

The ‘Forever’ singer had uploaded a picture of himself and Rihanna when they were an item during a recent trip to Paris.

Chris tweeted this AFTER they had ‘broken up’ Copyright: [Twitter]

Chris Brown however quickly took the picture down a mere fifteen minutes later.

When we saw the picture we thought it was in a bid to win Rihanna back.

And it looks like Chris’ plan could have worked.

Rihanna and Chris initially broke up in 2009 after he physically assaulted her ahead of the Grammy awards.

The two rekindled their relationship this year, posting a succession of loved up pictures on Twitter and Instagram.

With the two’s reputation of being an on again/ off again couple, we wouldn’t be surprised if we started to see some new pictures of Chris Brown and Rihanna together over the festive period.


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