Woman who suffered constant orgasms, found dead in her home

Gretchen Molannen, 39, from the town of Spring Hill in the US state of Florida, is believed to have taken her own life after 16 years battling a debilitating genital arousal disorder. In a profile story

published by the Tampa Bay Times one week before her death, Ms Molannen described how the rare disorder had ruined her life.
Unable to keep steady employment, Ms Molannen said she tried to file for disability twice but was rejected.
She had a boyfriend at the time of her death, the Times reported, but they had sex only around four times a year because it caused her hours of agony afterward.
She agreed to it in a bid for physical intimacy.
On her worst day, Ms Molannen described how she could suffer up to 50 orgasms in a row.
“It made me think I was going to die,” she told the newspaper. “That was the worst day.”
She said she was physically but not psychologically aroused during these episodes.
The Times said some doctors believe the condition is caused by a nerve malfunction and that many women masturbate for hours for just a few minutes of relief.
Ms Molannen said she could not afford the tests or treatments that have worked for other sufferers.


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